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elastic band
18-Sep-07, 10:33
hi everybody -has anyone any experience of tutors for standard grade subjects including maths, physics, chemistry, english and french. My son is due to sit his standard grades next year and as he wants to be a dentist he needs really good passes -i am looking for maybe an hour or so a week initially going up to two nearer exam time. He is a great lad but well a bit lazy and needs a hand with structuring his work and answers.

any help or adviceor suggestions would be very much appreciated

thanks everybody

18-Sep-07, 12:44
I think barbara nicol the school teacher does maths tutoring or at least she used to. dont have her number but she lives in thurso road.
Hope thats a help

elastic band
19-Sep-07, 09:47
Hi Tanya

thanks for the reply -i'll try her and see if she's interested