View Full Version : 16th sep

17-Sep-07, 22:51
Really sorry about last sundays quiz but something came up and i had to take my mate to the hospital and i did not manage bak til 9. Is it ok if i am Quiz master next week?

17-Sep-07, 22:59
ok by me, always glad when someone offers to host it ;)

17-Sep-07, 23:28
No problem. Things happen. It would be a shame if you could not wear the sparkly "Pink" jacket for a night. Hope you are giving it a polish as it got a good shine from me.

18-Sep-07, 03:14
Thanks both erm not that i am offering to do it vut its only but fair LOL seeing as i was ment to last week but not like we plan for things to wrong!!!

yes dnt worry it will be extraaa sparkly lol

18-Sep-07, 05:46
I will be there vodka queen.

18-Sep-07, 19:20
Hope to join you too Vodka-Queen

19-Sep-07, 01:52
Hope to have a good turn out spread the word everyone!! and mind be easy on mme its my first quiz!