View Full Version : Green Road Park

Holly F
15-Sep-07, 23:22
The Green Road Park is newly refurbished.It great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lynne duncan
16-Sep-07, 00:46
would like to have seen it fenced in to keep dogs out and some benches to sit on, but the big climbing frame is brill my 4 year old has thoroughly tested it

hope they add to the hillhead area next

16-Sep-07, 08:58
The council did a good job doing it up.

the charlatans
18-Sep-07, 22:48
Was there today with Bairn C who absolutely loved the chute and the the swings. He's only 19 months so he was doing not bad. There were plenty of other bairns there enjoying themselves too. The boys were using the big climbing frame as a space station which is just what every town needs!!!
Got to exercise the dog (away from the bairns) whilst Granny C did her bit. Excellent time had by all. :)