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01-Mar-03, 17:07
Hi all.

I've seen alot of local bands from wick and thurso lately and been to alot of gigs and there is some real good talent buzzing around theses days with some good new groups coming through. But my question to everyone is,


You can place 5 bands in your gig line-up. They have to be from Caithness, and playing now. Say why you picked them in the place you picked them, like, they'd be a great opening band, and why? See if we can get a good few answers and put them together see what our ultimate Caithness line-up would be, maybe it could happen?


01-Mar-03, 20:28
SSI.........us :P

Wasted Ticket


Ticket to the Island

Acid Inc

I could probably see that happening too at some point in the future hehe.

02-Mar-03, 15:12
My top five would be;

1.JINX'd(i know im biased!) :D

2.KODA (a classic band from the old days)

3.One Card Trick (another great blast from the past)

4.Acid inc(purely for their raw energy)

5.Johnny fats band (not possible at the moment but the talent shines through)

To be honest i havent really heard a bad local band but knowone ever seems to have heard of us!!! :~(
Anyway id like to see a big gig with a number of good local bands jammin as mulder would say"the talent is out there" :D

02-Mar-03, 15:29
i'd actually like to see more local bands doing their own songs..... in fact, i'd like to see more local bands.

I don't think enough is being done to promote the local scene in anyway whatsoever

how many local bands have an EP?? i could count maybe about two or three if i'm pushing it

i've come to the conclusion that covers are no longer the way. a few covers here and there are good, but its time to get on track and write stuff

03-Mar-03, 13:34
couldn't agree more jeid:)

04-Mar-03, 15:02
I agree with you guys own material is VERY important. We are currently in the process of recording our own stuff which we hope to have available soon.
We have already written 5 or 6 tracks of which we have played one live and had good reaction from the crowd.
The only prob is alot of the audiences up here expect covers which can be a bit off putting when your putting time and effort into your own material!
I suppose its a case of persevering and as they always say "the sun always shines on the righteous!". :D

04-Mar-03, 17:54
Hey guys,

I'm really glad other people think so. When we first started playing gigs i was surprised no bands played their own materials. When i joined our band it was like the first thing on my mind. We could get together and put togther a gig or two with us just playing all our own stuff or somethin?. Blue Mondays are really the only place that we've found our own stuff really welcome. Everywhere else wants covers of all the popular carp. Gota push for own own stuff. I wanted to push our band into doing almost exclusively written material, but they weren't u for it. Well hopefully the future is bright. i've been helping a few new bands out and they are looking to write stuff once they get their barings, so who knows what the future will bring. Good i hope.

Stay Pretty


24-Jun-03, 16:55
I know what you mean dmore, local bands can't get away with playing too much of their own material.

Up here, very few people seem to go out exclusively to see a local band, they normally just go out and if a bands playing, fair enough. They also like hearing songs they can sing along to, not original material.

The further away from caithness you play the better it gets. We used to play in Durness (suprisingly busy in the summer), Ullapool Inverness, Elgin etc and the reception we got was always better than locally. The best places to play your own stuff is at dances out west, the further west the better! Strathy, Bettyhill, Durness and KLB all hold great nights and the crowd ARE coming out to see a band and get a dance, they're not wanting background music. If you're good they'll let you know about it. You can judge you're success by the amount of beer you get given at the end of the night!

Having been in a band myself I found in an hours set you could throw in 3 or 4 original tracks, but never together or you'd lose the dance floor. One way to get round this was always the "here's a new song from ........" and come up with some chart topping band.

As for recording, local bands EP's and albums seem to go down very well. The people up here will easily buy 3 or 4hundred CD's, the problem is making them pay the cost of studio time, sleeve printing, production etc. But hey, and the end of the day most local musicians would agree they play for the buzz and not the money.

Wounded Soldier
25-Jun-03, 21:48
My ideal gig in this dump would be the exact one i have jus came back from in Hampden...

Cypress Hill....
Obie Trice....

That is what you call talent, nothing can ever match it...........

God that was the best thing EVER!

26-Jun-03, 13:08
Rap is cack