View Full Version : Caithness Champions League Fantasy Football

11-Sep-07, 22:02
Open to all orgers if you are interested, I have set up a Caithness Champions League, all you have to do is create your own team at uefa.com and I will give out the league code to join the Caithness CL. Follow this link to set up your team. Uefa.com has one of the best formats for fantasy leagues available online, a starting eleven plus four subs, you can make transfers and substitutions throughout the season.


Set up your team and PM me for the league Code. All welcome! Its great fun! :Razz

12-Sep-07, 10:30
good idea jeemag - i'll get a team sorted oot soon as i get a chance!

14-Sep-07, 23:35
Don't forget guitarzan and anyone else interested, first games are on teusday, if you don't register before you'll be on the backfoot as far as points go.


League code is 12903-3070 to join in.

18-Sep-07, 14:53
Only 5 hours left to get your team set up, you can join the league at any time, but if you don't set up a team by kick offs today you won't score points for this round.