View Full Version : Does any1 agree with me???

03-Aug-05, 17:10
if you have heard of the
"quoys of reiss quad centre" do u like it it is incredibly borring!i have been ther about 20times and on the 2nd time it was borring it is the same track over and over again
, no open land to go on or jumps or anything! :roll: :confused there should be more exitment in there. :confused :confused

03-Aug-05, 17:27
My boys have been quite a few times and they are getting bored with it now aswell,They use to go nearly every weekend but they haven't asked to go for ages

i think there is a place in Reay where i might try the next time!!

Anyone got their number??

03-Aug-05, 18:13
i might know them i am 14 and i used 2 go there every wednesday yer i ahev heard of the 1 in reay is it anygood?

04-Aug-05, 08:53
Don't think u will know them they only went at the weekend, they are 11 and 12 years old

They haven't been to the one at Reay yet, but i must find out about it and i'll let u know!!

04-Aug-05, 11:01
thatnx and i wil contact mr guun i know him from quoys of riess and see if he wil be making any changes soon and i wil get straight back :)