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09-Sep-07, 21:04
So who went to the massed pipe bands last night to see the "Red Hot Chilli Pipers", I thought they were fantastic.
I really enjoyed them playing Highland Catherdral.:)

09-Sep-07, 21:50
They 'sounded' good, where we were stood we couldn't see a thing, now and again we'd see the top of a drone go past but that was all LOL

The market square was mobbed, I think it would of been better held at the riverside where there is more space for spectators.

My baby boy slept through most of it as he did the fireworks :lol:

Mr P Cannop
10-Sep-07, 07:10
l was there and agree it was a really good night

10-Sep-07, 09:38
I just had a look at the video from the org and it was great, I wish I could have seen it live. It would have been fantastic. :D:D

Andrew C
10-Sep-07, 11:32
yes, twas a good night..I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the Chilli Pipers too, great music. Just a shame that the organisers hadn't made more provision for the amplification of the electric guitar...when they got it fixed they sounded much better.

Had a chance to chat to some of the pipers in the pubs afterwards (on my War Cry round) and they seemed to enjoy themselves too...I suppose thats an added bonus!

Encouraging too to see so many young people invovled in piping. Might even have a go myself!

Andrew C

10-Sep-07, 12:38
I agree that it was a great night and the weather held which helped. Highland Cathedral was great and then Flower of Scotland with all of the pipe bands was fantastic
However, it was getting pretty dark by time the Chilli Pipers came on and they were wearing black shirts and kilts, so a couple of lights on the stage wouldn't have gone amiss.

11-Sep-07, 13:02
I loved it when the did AC\DC Thunderstruck on the pipes !

11-Sep-07, 19:35
If you think they were good on the street, you should have seen them at the concert afterwards in the Assembly Rooms - very, very talented - extra musicians and a great sound system.
They gave it everything and everybody was on their feet at the end!
Best night I have had in ages.
As a member of Thurso Pipeband I really appreciate the great night our sister band in Wick laid on for all the visiting bands.
Well done to everyone involved - definitely a night to remember even if a little hazy towards the end?

12-Sep-07, 00:08
Encouraging too to see so many young people invovled in piping. Might even have a go myself!

Andrew C

You may be onto something Andrew, The pipes combined with the SA brass would sound great.