View Full Version : looking for a shed

08-Sep-07, 10:53
can anyone tell me if anyone locally [in caithness] can supply a good quality garden shed.i move to caithness in 3 weeks.

many thanks

mums angels
08-Sep-07, 15:11
We have just got one from Homebase ,quick delivery was 3 days wouldn't say it was great but hubby put ply up on the insides to strengthen the walls and now it can hold all the kids ride on's , go-karts etc but doors did need to be modified as they didn't seem to fit right

08-Sep-07, 16:46
many thanks ,mum s angels.

09-Sep-07, 11:05
We got our shed from Homebase too and hubby lined it and put up shelves to suit his needs and a workbench. Have seen a few neighbours with similar sheds so think homebase must do quite a good trade here.

09-Sep-07, 19:50
gardenbuildingsdirect.co.uk have had wooden shed and metal shed from them and both have been good quality. Usually free delivery and within 5-7 days. cheaper as well thatn homebase