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01-Aug-05, 00:04
Thinking about investing some money in an effect pedal type thing to advance my guiataring. Does anyone own any and can give me some advice?


01-Aug-05, 11:34
Take a look at the Digitech Eric Clapton 'Crossroads' unit - 7 variable effects which, imho, would work for most rock styles. I wouldn't part with mine!

01-Aug-05, 14:09
Also have a look at the Boss multi wah. its got loads of wah/ bass wah/ talkbox/ uni vibe effects on it with the ability to add range and overdrive to the effects. rrp is 120 but you will never need another wah if you buy one

01-Aug-05, 19:21
depends what sounds your trying to replicate and what your budget is really.

if you have a lot of money to spend, then its better buying individual effects. of course, we can only recommend items. what sounds good to me, might not be what your looking for

02-Aug-05, 19:48
Try a second hand Boss ME 30 from ebay ( 50 -100). It has an excellent effects suite O/D WAH DELAY CHORUS COMPRESSOR with different patches ( sounds ) that can be found on the web.

03-Aug-05, 14:12
I know this is probably out of the question else you wouldnt be asknig this but in my eyes the best thing to do is go down south to the bigger guitar shops and try out as many as you can!

05-Aug-05, 16:54
Yeah, thats a problem up here, thanks for the help btw.

thinking now that im going to buy an effects processor rather than a pedal manly due to the amazing demo that i saw on the internet. Korg AX1500G ('http://www.clicklive.com/korgUSA/sniffer/ax1500g/select.html')

What do people think about goin digital rather that more traditional pedals?

05-Aug-05, 19:55
depends on what digital route your gonna go down really

i like the digital amp modellers like the Pod etc... but the digital effects pedals.... eww.... put them away