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21-Feb-03, 20:28

Any bassists and drummers in Caithness into black metal or grindcore

two guitarists looking to start a band into stuff like
Arch Enemy, Thorns, Dark Throne and Rotting Christ

on the grindy side of things

Agrophobic Nosebleed, Benumb, Cephalic Carnage and Mortician

Give us a shout


05-Mar-03, 11:22
No way is there more Death/Black metal in Thurso!!
Get in there boys!!

You remember Casket Garden? They ripped the heart outta Thurso and sold it to Satan for a fiver!!!!

08-Mar-03, 11:53
Yeah it would be cool if there was some demonz who could play this stuff :evil
but its all trendy stuff following on from Kerrang which is a fashion mag

U interested in raising hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil :evil :evil

Then join our black legion of doom [evil]

10-Mar-03, 14:07
Hey I'll join your Legions of Death no probs!
I'm down in Aberdeen tho!!!!!