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21-Feb-03, 14:17
ebay is great once you get the hang of it!( http://www.ebay.co.uk ) so far iv bought 2 books, 2 mobile phone covers and some other stuff. as long as you are carful, check out the persons seller rating its so easy to shop! :D :) :cool:

21-Feb-03, 20:56
I remember not so long ago there was a Episode of Watchdog about Ebay, a guy had paid out around 5000.00 for a TV and he didnt get it as the company didnt really exist, dont know the exact details. But i think you should be very carefull.. ! ! ! !

25-Mar-03, 18:31
As Stainless said, you should always check the seller's rating first. I have bought and sold quite a lot of goods on eBay with no problem. Got some great bargains! :D

10-Jul-04, 18:25
Ok, I confess
I am an eBay ADDICT and proud of it!!!
Even my local postie groaned when I had 3 parcels the other day!
He looked up as I signed for one and said 'Ur birthday?'
'No' says I, 'eBay'

He shook his head, smiled and walked back to his van saying 'Oh no, not another one'!!!!

I have been a member for 2.5 years and buy Winnie The Pooh stuff (I'm a Winnie addict too!) the only negative feedback I have earned was when I moved here and lived in a mobile home for 6 months, no access to the internet and the sellers details were written down 'in a box somewhere' that I couldn't find so couldn't pay for the item!

I ALWAYS check sellers feedback before I bid and have been 'stung' (well, nearly) only twice where they were shill bdding (bidding on their own items to boost the price.) I caught one out and reported her, caught the 2nd one (after asking for advice from others on the Community board) she got her 2nd user ID suspended along with the item, I waited till the item was put back on for sale, bid on it, got my bid removed as 'unwanted bidder,' set up another username, rebid and won the item! I desperately wanted it and am typing this out now on it! (A Winnie The Pooh keyboard!)
How sad am I?

11-Jul-04, 19:37
ebay is great for bargains but check out prices of current items as I've seen people bid more than the retail price - nearly did it myself recently with something I thought no longer obtainable then found in a Thurso shop for less than ebay bids so with postage as well, not a bargain. Also very addictive - I have to ban myself from it just to avoid gettign sucked in. Good fun though.