View Full Version : Quiz Night 24th Feb

18-Feb-03, 23:29
Well Quizzers after last Sunday the youngsters have been lining up till be Quizmaster / Mistress, an for some reason they think I run the Quiz room :eyes
But to keep up the momentum and the general good feeling that seems to be going on in the room between the Youngsters and us Oldies I have agreed to help them.
And on Sunday a lassagie called Bubbles wants to be Quizmistress, so can a few more of us be there at 20:30 Uk time till encourage her

19-Feb-03, 01:03
If its the 24th, thats a Monday and I canna be there.... :(
I'm hoping you mean Sunday the 23rd.... ;)
When's yer birthday, will send you a new calendar.

19-Feb-03, 10:20
Wheesht it wis a typo and yes it should read 23rd Feb
a chastised Golach

19-Feb-03, 16:00
When's yer birthday, will send you a new calendar.

You'll have to make sure it's adjusted for use in Scotland, as West Coast calendars are notoriously unreliable outside the Pacific time zone. The dates change at a different time.


22-Feb-03, 17:41
I'll be there too, till make sure there is no "Fechtan"!!!!!!