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31-Aug-07, 21:17
If you're looking for an indulgent gift to give to to friends upon the birth of a baby; engagement; anniversay; birthday; in fact anything at all, look no further than Hotel Chocolat (http://www.hotelchocolat.co.uk/). They do a wonderful range of luxury chocolate items, which come delievered promptly to your door (or direct to the recipient if you prefer).

I was lucky enough to receive their NewBaby crate from a very dear friend upon the birth of BabyBurdie, and I have to say, it was an amazing pick-me-up for a knackered Mummy. I have since developed an addiction to their incredible champagne truffles - melt in the mouth perfection!

Go on, give them a try, as a cheeky indulgence for yourself, or the perfect gift for that special someone. :D

31-Aug-07, 21:56
I've used these, the chocs are yum, especially the 70.00 assortment box they sent me by accident then said I could keep when I told them!

02-Sep-07, 08:24
Was in their shop in Nottingham earlier this year and it was ecstasy!
The staff were so helpful and the samples were scrumptious. One of the nicest choccy shops I've visited.
And the chocolate we took home was delicious.

02-Sep-07, 13:03
oh my god just checked out the site!
what a new idea for gifts for people and myself

thanks :D