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29-Aug-07, 15:01
Hi Folks,

I sustained quite a nasty burn some weeks back removing a roast chicken from the oven. It hasn't healed very quickly and as it is on the front of my arm, it is fairly visible in short sleeves.

Three days ago I picked up some Bio Oil from the chemist and what a difference it has made.

It claims to work on new or old scars and stretch marks and a 60ml bottle comes in at about 7/ 8.

I am well impressed by the results so far!:D


29-Aug-07, 15:41
Agreed Karia. It makes a lovely face moisturiser too - smells lovely :)

29-Aug-07, 19:45
i love it too .. i bought it after i had Lauren and it made such a difference to the strech marks i just wish i got it sooner!

i now buy the little bottle and put it in the parcels i make up for other people who have had babys too!

it works wonders on dry skin too

01-Sep-07, 12:25
I totally agree. A number of years ago my son had a very obvious scar on his face, putting a small amount on every night for a few weeks made a huge difference. It is expensive but a little goes a long way. To be honest i think i still have some.

03-Sep-07, 23:57
We managed to get some of this when Leah was a baby for her lip operation - anyone who has seen her pic can see the results - she healed very quickly & her scars are hardly visible now - a wonderful invention!

04-Sep-07, 10:29
I agree bio oil is great I use it all the time on everywhere :) It is a bit pricey but when you realise how far it goes it actually isn't pricey at all x

04-Sep-07, 15:56
I've just bought some of Ebay so will wait to see the results. I got it for one of my daughters chest burn (Hot tea when a toddler) and for my other daughters surgery scar when she has her op later this month.

Fingers crossed

lady penelope
04-Sep-07, 17:08
I love the stuff. My two year old scar is almost unnoticable and the 'map of the world' stretchmarks - they are everywhere - are not soo bad. I just wish the loose skin on my belly could be rubbed away by Bio Oil:D

04-Sep-07, 17:44
Bio oil is on offer in Boots at the moment, it's a couple of pounds cheaper than usual.

04-Sep-07, 23:10
When our wee fella had an op on his face last year I suggested using Bio Oil to the plastic surgeon, he said it was a waste of money that any moisturiser would give the same results, have to say I was surprised as I had read similar good things about the product, anyway he used a Boots own brand moisturiser every day and the scar faded quickly.

05-Sep-07, 11:39
Hi 98elight,

I guess that kid's skins are so resilient that you would get a good response from any simple moisturisation....but I know that on tough old hide's like mine this stuff is priceless!;)