View Full Version : Free iPod Mini!

26-Jul-05, 15:59
Free iPod Mini!

Link (http://www.findeasy.fcpages.com/m1.html)

26-Jul-05, 16:45
dont bother clicking unless youy live in the states and are gullible, these things are nearly all scams of some sort

26-Jul-05, 16:54
The official site is not a scam and they do post to the UK.

27-Jul-05, 09:40
I certify that I am a US Resident over the age of 18,
and I agree to the privacy policy and participation terms.

quoted from the site, US resident means not anywhere near caithness to me.

27-Jul-05, 12:30
I know people in England who receive them.

28-Jul-05, 19:39
Its a scam dont listen to these clowns

28-Jul-05, 23:45
*Puts on enormous shoes*

I hate it when I'm wrong. :roll:

29-Jul-05, 21:26
There is a site that dishes out free ipods in the uk but you have to join a monthly subscrition site for dvd hire to get one.

02-Aug-05, 19:34
It's not quite as simple as that, you sign up for a free trial to begin with, but to be entitled to the free ipod you have to carry on your subscription beyond the trial and also have at least 5 friends who you refer to sign up and continue subscription beyond the free trial, it's not a scam, just a lot of hassle to actually get yourself an ipod.