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27-Aug-07, 19:35
anyone know an easy recipe for chocolate cake

OH bday on friday so wanna make him one please help :D

mrs n
27-Aug-07, 19:51
this one is from the bero book and i have made it and its very nice

7oz sr flour
8oz sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1oz cocoa
4oz marg
2 eggs beaten with 5 tbsps evaporated milk
5 tbsps water
few drops vanilla essence 180oc gas4 for about 30-35 mins

sieve flour, salt and cocoa add sugar, rub in marg, add eggs, essence and liquids
grease and line 2 x 8 inch cake tins, divide mix between them, i use deepish cake tins but you use what you have
when cold sandwich and cover with milk choc icing

1tbsp cocoa
9oz sieved icing sugar
3 tbsps hot milk
1tsp vanilla essence
melt marg, blend in cocoa, stir in icing sugar, milk and essence, beat till smooth and thick


27-Aug-07, 19:54
Thank you Thank you was starting to panic!!! :D:lol:

mrs n
27-Aug-07, 20:06
panic over Ash, hope oh likes it :)

29-Aug-07, 07:18
hers a site i found for ye Ash if its any good to ye :)
Chocolate Cake Recipes (http://www.recipes4cakes.com/chocolatecakes/)

a lot to choose from healthy and unhealthy ! LOL