View Full Version : Apple and Toffee muffins

Anne x
27-Aug-07, 13:12
2 eggs beaten
80g caster sugar
240ml milk
100g butter melted
300g plain flour
2tsp baking powder
half teaspoon salt
good pinch cinnamon
2 eating apples
50g toffee in bits

oven 190 gas 5

line a 12 bun or muffin tray with paper cases

mix eggs,sugar,milk and melted butter sift in flour b powder salt & cinnamon
add chopped apple and mix

fill the paper cases three quarter full ,top with few pieces of toffee cover with rest of muffin mix til cases are fill
bake for 30 -35mins

have just made these and kitchen smells divine
courtesy of a sweet tv chef !!!