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26-Aug-07, 23:08
Can anyone recommend a good fencer as we need to re-do our garden with slats and wondered who i can contact to do it?


27-Aug-07, 00:58
I would highly recommend fellow orger Fred who did an excellent job with my garden fence

27-Aug-07, 12:05
Norrie Wilson of Breck Fencing comes reccommended. He has done quite a few fences in and around Thurso. 07835 430144

27-Aug-07, 19:42
Come on Dancingtaz try it yourself -- only way you will learn. Ask your other half to do it instead of playing football for Halkirk(so you told me).Good for building up your muscles and being able to cope with all these animals. Let me know how you get on with the fence. Cheers for now hope to see again soon. PS Never saw you at the pipe bands on Saturday night.

27-Aug-07, 22:26
Nice one Stewart4364!! It was my other half that put up 1st fence and they're not very stable in the wind! Didn't go to see pipe band cos i had to put bairn to bed... maybe next time.

Anyway, thanks for the replies... will get phoning about. :D