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25-Aug-07, 10:25
I'm not sure of the best place for this but I'm sure the bird watchers will know the answer. There is a connection as this animal eats birds.

While driving in thick mist late on wednesday night, I think we were in the woody section between Altnaharra and Laig, I had to do a emergency stop to avoid a large black animal in crossing the road. We had a good chance to have a look at the creature as it came to a stop as well. I've checked out our animal books and a few websites and I'm fairly sure that it was a Pine Marten. Can anyone tell me what is the typical concentration of the Pine Marten up here. Were we very lucky to see one, or are they normally shy and well hidden?

Thanks for any info.:cool:

25-Aug-07, 11:27



Quite rare i would say.
There is a stuffed one at the Seadrift Centre Dunnet.
A Pinemarten was a road kill victim a year or two back at Latheron near Forse Hse.
I think the web page above covers most of the info.

25-Aug-07, 14:11
Although still regarded as nationally uncommon and are rightly protected by law, there are more of them in the Highlands than people are generally aware of. More so in the forestry plantations where they are very difficult to see and find it easy to move about without anyone being aware they are even there. Unless that is you can recognise their trail, where they usually leave a few scats as identifying markers. They are now becomming a nuisance to other wildlife, especially ground nesting birds, they are also excellent tree climbers and have no dificulty in raiding even the very highest nests. They don't stop at birds however, small rodents, fruits, fungi, nuts etc, are all good food to them! Jam or peanut butter butties are also very attractive to them and if you live near to any forested areas it could pay you to set up a feeding area baited with these tempting morsels, you never know, you may be rewarded with some good views.