View Full Version : Sassys Birthday

24-Jul-05, 19:48
Happy Birthday sassy, hope u got some lovely new jewels :D can i come to your party?

24-Jul-05, 19:59
Happy Birthday Sassy dont set fire to the house with all those candles [lol]

24-Jul-05, 20:52
:D happy birthday sassy have a great day!!

25-Jul-05, 10:23
Hope you had a happy dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D

25-Jul-05, 13:55
Happy birthday hope u have a gd day i will give u ur bithday present nxt time i see u lol ;)

25-Jul-05, 17:07
The party began Saturday with a walk on the beach and progressed through flowers and meals and pressies and lovely phone calls and more meals and cake and ended on Sunday night with a wild card game, but no blood was drawn. Thank you everyone for your good wishes!

25-Jul-05, 19:13
Ohhhh......... I'm 2 late - happy birthday anyway!


25-Jul-05, 20:17
Happy Birthday Sassy Mate

I heard that Helen went skiing on her B'day - did you do anything as exciting on your B'day????????

26-Jul-05, 18:11
I heard that Helen went skiing on her B'day - did you do anything as exciting on your B'day????????

No pal, you forgot I am the quiet one. :cool:

26-Jul-05, 18:25
Photos of Sassy at her birthday dinner can be purchased at reasonable
rates. (discount offered for more than 10 prints)

For your entertainment, we have:
Sassy smiling with full pitcher of Mojito
Sassy and last drops from empty pitcher
Sassy being assisted up onto (dance?) table of sidewalk cafe
Sassy and nice polis man having a wee chat
Sassy with new bracelets....shiny bright with a wee chain keeping them

Happy Birthday to a fun lovin gal! xoxo, the photographer

26-Jul-05, 19:01
Glad you had a great day Sassy.

We could feel the heat off the candles in Wick!!

26-Jul-05, 22:45
Well I was just being polite I did not want every one to know that you had crept another year along life's highway.
Hope your birthday was wowsers and next time put the cake in a box..sweeping all those crumbs of the mat was a chore!