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Mr P Cannop
23-Aug-07, 06:39
whats the best ones to buy ?? also pros and cons all info please ??

23-Aug-07, 07:07
In order to know what the best one is, you will have to stipulate your requirements from the phone, whether it be a basic ring - ring - talk, or an all singing/all dancing video, photo, internet take the dog for a walk phone..

23-Aug-07, 07:29
Paul, here's a link to a site that will give you a lot of information about mobile phones. There is no point in buying a phone that does all sorts of things that you don't need or want. You would be best to write down all the features that you want your phone to do and then look for one that will suit you and be reasonably priced.

For myself, I just need a phone that can, obviously, phone and text and I also like the reminder feature along with a few games for passing the time!

I am with Vodaphone and I use the "pay-as-you-talk" system which means I only pay for the calls and messages I send. If you are going to use a mobile a lot you may be better off with a contract which has a different billing system.

Others here will tell you what they like from a mobile phone and that should help you make up your mind as to what you want yourself.


23-Aug-07, 07:35
There are quiet a few review sites out there that talk about features, battery life etc. but it is a good idea to go into the shops get a feel of the phones.
As brokencross says you need to know what you want from your phone.

Mr P Cannop
23-Aug-07, 07:41
just need a phone for phone and text

23-Aug-07, 07:43
Its like everthing else it depends how much ure willing to spend for me im into pay as you go i hardly use the phone more text messenging is what i use it for but if i was buying another phone i would want a better camera resolution in it the camera video facilty is handy to have in a phone as for having a mp3 player built into a nice idea but not practical because it drains the battery quicker whats point in having a mobile phone with a flat battery and to be honest about i think a phone for 30 is just as good as a phone for 200 it does the same job and if u break a phone at 30 its not really a big deal but i reckon if u bought a phone in the region of 80 mark it will be a middle of the road of phone.

Mr P Cannop
23-Aug-07, 07:50
any shops in thurso that have good phones ??

23-Aug-07, 08:01
I have picked up a few good deals on electronics (both phones and camera's) from the chemist (Sutherlands?) down from Top Joes.

Mr P Cannop
23-Aug-07, 08:08
ok thanks will try there after my work

Mr P Cannop
27-Aug-07, 11:30
has any one else got a t mobile phone ??

01-Sep-07, 12:30
I find up here it's not so much the make of phone you need to watch it's the network provider. My husband and son both have T-Mobile and the signal they receive is not very good even losing it totally at times. I however am with Orange and i always have a full signal. I would certainly checkout network coverage before buying any mobile.