View Full Version : Apple and Cinnamon cake

22-Aug-07, 19:44
Hi there has anybody got a recipe for an apple and cinnamon cake?Love the cake but can't seem to find a recipe for it so any help would be great :) x

Anne x
27-Aug-07, 16:20
sorry had a look at all the cook books cannot find any try the muffins they have cinnamon and apples in them :)

mrs n
27-Aug-07, 16:42
i havent tried this one, suppose you dont need to put the topping on


27-Aug-07, 18:42
Anne X and mrs n thank you both so much for your help...baking day tomorrow :D x

Anne x
27-Aug-07, 19:27
dont put too much toffee in as it can burn learned the lesson today
friend just text del hot with Ice Cream or Cream

27-Aug-07, 21:08
Oh well anne x you might as well go for the extra calories and have the icecream or cream with it cos what is life without a few sweet treats ;) I will definately be trying them out tomorrow,might have to control myself until the kids get home though or they may all be gone by then :D x