View Full Version : Any recommendations for Accountants?

23-Jul-05, 16:43
Hi everyone

Can anyone recommend a good accountant in Wick? Just for some help filling in tax forms - self assessment forms for self employed.

I don't want to pay a lot of money to have this done professionally, but I do want to make sure it's done correctly, so I would welcome any recommendations.

Thank you.

10-Sep-05, 19:54
Not Victor Fraser anyway. Had a mate who used them and ended up in a right lot of trouble with the tax.

11-Sep-05, 21:16
I can recommend Stuart Whiteley in Thurso - yes I know it's not Wick but it'd be worth talking to him anyway.

12-Sep-05, 22:38
The dreaded tax man runs a pretty good course on filling in the forms yourself. It's not that difficult and would save a bit.

13-Oct-05, 17:18
take it up to the tax office and ask to see the lassie boxall she was a great help to me when i needed help 100% for her efforts

07-Nov-05, 21:26
A 12 bore usually does the trick I find

07-Nov-05, 21:29
Masseyboy, Thats Been Tried And Probably Is The Best,

peedie man
09-Nov-05, 23:06
stewart whiteley comes to wick every week,he is pretty good

03-Dec-05, 18:04
Ann Cummings, she is really nice. I think she is mainly Thurso based but may travel through to Wick. If you call naver business centre on 892892 they will be able to either pass on your details or give you her number

06-Dec-05, 20:46
yeah stuart whitely is raelly good, he was my accountant when i needed one. he is excellent as he works for you and not the tax man like some of them

03-Jun-14, 05:43
as am in need of good accountant in wick any recommendations would be great thanks for tax returns.

03-Jun-14, 19:47
Steven MacGregor from Reid and Fraser is excellent. Works in both Thurso and Wick. Hope this helps

28-Jul-14, 12:35
Steven is the best accountant that we have ever had and we had 2 before him. Friendly & reliable.