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18-Aug-07, 23:22
Can any knowledgable orgers recommend a professional that would be able to "pamper" an old lady of good pedigree? She's very timid, but is a darling and I'd like someone who will understand how to take care of her properly. I may not have framed this request very well, but I'm determined that this poor wifie is treated sensitively as she has been mistreated in her earlier years, not I hasten to add by her now owner. Thanks in advance.

19-Aug-07, 02:44
I would recommend "Anubis" on 01847 831 372 or 07786 304 149. Ann is very patient and you will get to stay with your dog to help sooth her.

19-Aug-07, 09:35
I would recommend Paula at Pampered Pets. She is very good and will treat your old lady with respect and sensitivity. Contact Ramscraigs K9 Services Tel:- 01593731305

19-Aug-07, 16:17
Yes I would agree with attitude9464 Paula is wonderful!!!I actually tried another one in Wick9so I could shop while dog was groomed) and would never ever go back,my poor wee baby was traumatised after going there whereas with Paula she loves going x

Anne x
19-Aug-07, 16:35
Paula is just great did my hper cocker spaniel from young until we left Caithness she just loved Paula

also good kennels as well :lol:

19-Aug-07, 20:38
Many thanks for your recommendations, will give the ladies a call. :D