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29-Apr-01, 04:09
In 1962 I was writing to a penpal, Joey Campbell in Thurso, from New Zealand. She had two sisters, Isabel and Barbara and four brothers.

Would like to get in contact again if any-one knows her current address.

14-May-01, 01:16
Yes I know the whereabouts of Joey, please email me for details.

29-Oct-07, 17:24
it says join date 1970, is this the oldest memeber of the org, if so is he/she still on the go,

29-Oct-07, 17:50
I think people who left the Org, or whos accounts were deleted due to lack of use, had all their posts lumped together into the Anonymous user. Hence why 'they' are a 1K.Orger, and why their join date, and last message posted date, all default back to 1st Jan 1970 (probably vBulletin's default date at a guess).