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18-Aug-07, 15:52
Hi to all on caithness.org.its my first time messaging not to sure wot i,m at..
can any one tell me is there a wqanted list and also is there a model railway club in wick ot thurso..thank you.....des..:eek:

18-Aug-07, 16:04
Hi thee - welcome to the org.

What do you mean by a wanted list?

18-Aug-07, 16:06
If you meen items wanted it is in the classified section near the bottom of the board

Welcome to the org, have fun

18-Aug-07, 16:15
I know this is model boats but I am sure they may be able to help you if you email them http://www.caithness.org/community/clubs/pentlandmodelboatclub/index.htm

18-Aug-07, 19:57
Hello and welcome 2 the org.

19-Aug-07, 01:11
Don't worry, dessie_darts, you're in good company. Most of us on here are in the same boat. We might not make much sense but we sure have fun. Welcome aboard.

Anne x
20-Aug-07, 00:47
welcome to the org quite sure you will get all the clubs you requie someone will help

happy posting

20-Aug-07, 11:23
Hi, Dessie darts welcome to the land of org.

20-Aug-07, 11:39
Hello there, Welcome to the orger:D

20-Aug-07, 13:16
Hi Dessie Darts, and welcome. :)