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15-Aug-07, 11:20
Hi everyone,

I've got an oil fired Rayburn that needs servicing soon, does anyone know of anyone decent?

I think the nearest Rayburn engineer official type is in Dingwall and I dread to think how much it'd cost to gethim up here!

Come to think of it has anyone out there got an oil fired Rayburn too? I've never met anyone esle who's got one!

15-Aug-07, 11:37
we have an oil run stanley and i think but not sure if our neighbour has an aga run of oil, but it is an aga. anyway we use a guy from embo who comes and services ours. if you would like his number just ask, as ill have to ask hubby what it is first, lol.

16-Aug-07, 15:51
That would be great thanks :)

I forgot to say Im in Thurso.....I was hoping for someone a little more local but if not I could check out your Embo guy to see how much he'd charge for the drive up.


16-Aug-07, 20:36
his name is bob craik, 01862 810702
not sure if he go as far as thurso but he does service a oil fired aga for my neighbour
is the cooker shop in wick not still running. would they not know someone

16-Aug-07, 21:33
Most Plumbers are Oftec registered therefore they are able to service it for you

17-Aug-07, 14:26
Thanks for the phone number I'll keep it just incase! :D

Most plumbers should be able to service a Rayburn if they are registered, but unfortunately many dont like doing them because they're not as straightforward as a normal boiler.


17-Aug-07, 22:29
Try Simpson and Oag in Patersons lane, 892329. They are registered as Rayburn engineers and should be able to service it.

18-Aug-07, 12:21
Thanks Max,

Thats a lot closer to home :)