View Full Version : Can anyone recommend a good childminder?

14-Aug-07, 20:16
We were looking for a good Childminder in the Wick area! can anyone recommend a registered childminder, any names for our 1 year old son:D


16-Aug-07, 20:18
Hi there i know that Mhari-Ann Plowman is a childminder, along with Alison Green, Elizabeth Bain and Margaret Sutherland, all very good!
Good luck with your search

22-Aug-07, 17:01
Hi. If you look at this website it has a list of registered childminders in your area and when they are available :D


elastic band
24-Aug-07, 23:34
recommend v. highly katie gunn -well now robetson she has special furniture for kiddies, paints murals well her hubby does and restricts tv usage as she prefers to stimulate and encourage the little ones -if you pm me i'll give you her brothers mobile as i dont have katies