View Full Version : Britain's Youngest Brides

09-Aug-07, 23:59
Did anyone record 'Britain's Youngest Brides' which was on ITV1 at 9pm tonight (Thursday 9th August)??

I set my video recorder but recorded the wrong channel!!!! Would like to see the programme as it looked interesting.

Anne x
10-Aug-07, 00:30
different !!! what can I say one dress put Jordan or Katy Price to shame like a overgrown vulcano she couldnt walk or fit in car (a streched limo ) even with trainers on and walked sideways up the aisle

and that will be why !!!

still last couple featured had lovely twins 2 weeks after the wedding :)

all young and in love

ah well good luck to all couples featured:confused

10-Aug-07, 08:48
I forgot about that I meant to watch it

Anne x
10-Aug-07, 10:48
I didnt mean to watch it Hubby came back from the golf and flicking channels like they do :)


10-Aug-07, 10:52
that dress was unbelievable!! theres no way that it could of been comfortable & for the money it cost it looked ridiculous!

Anne x
10-Aug-07, 10:56

how much did it cost missed that bit the bridesmaids looked like something out of a festival or gala parade the fringe even !!!


10-Aug-07, 11:21
it said it ran in to tens of thousands!! the bodice was all swarvoski (sp?) crystals! didnt think gypsys had that sort of money:confused