View Full Version : CAR BOOT SALE : Murkle Community Hall

06-Aug-07, 10:19
There will be a car boot sale at Murkle Community Hall on Sunday 12th August from 12noon - 2pm.

Tables are 5 and can be booked on 01847 821296.

Cream teas 1

Please note change of date

06-Aug-07, 20:31
Thanks for the info

06-Aug-07, 21:32
Please don't tell my wife, she will go miles to see a new one,an I can't afford the petrol to go there an back! Mind you though, could be a good plan for a sudden visit to caithness :roll: Stop it.

08-Aug-07, 11:06
Are these car boots sales up here busy? Do you make a lot of money at one if you book a table?