View Full Version : Strange bird

05-Aug-07, 07:04
We were woken this morning by a strange noise went to investigate and there is a large bird in the field beside our house at first thought it was a heron but have not heard this call before and its far to big, it stands about 4ft and is grey long neck which is black and white, the body is large with large feathers I think it is a crane but where would it have come from, trying to get photo but has walked further down the field.

05-Aug-07, 07:06
The bird has now come closer and I'm sure it's an eurasion crane anybody know anything about these.

05-Aug-07, 11:17
Common Crane show up in Caithness nearly every year. They are very distinctive and you could not really confuse them with anything else.


05-Aug-07, 11:44
Yes your right that was it, thanks for replying i wondered if anybody would beleive me! It was quite a sight and what a loud call it has.

05-Aug-07, 13:29
That should tell you everything ^^ ~Hannah (daves daughter)