View Full Version : Let her rest in peace

02-Aug-07, 12:03
i dont wanna offend anyone on here but is it just me or should the media leave the death of princess diana alone, why cant they let her rest on peace, just saw adverts for a think on channel 5 all weekend about her, surely this will be upsetting for the family

02-Aug-07, 12:10
while people keep watching it the broadcasters will never leave it alone sadly, I feel very sorry for the princes having this endlessly dragged up it must be hard enought to grow up normal in the media spotlight the way they have but to endlessly have to be reminded of their mothers death this way is terrible.

02-Aug-07, 12:13
i agree totally, it will be hard being reminded of her death and the tragic accident, it sickens me how they keep showing the crash!:mad:

02-Aug-07, 12:23
r.i.p. and that,s what it should be after all this time. but it.s nice that people still remember her fondly.:(