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percy toboggan
31-Jul-07, 23:29
No movie section here so I'm forced to post this here if I post it all.
My wife's choice of dvd for her birthday.
Had anyone else seen it?
Nothing to do with vintage cars - no Genevieve here.
Seedy, scum low-life, but a moral tale all the same.
Involves non-gratuitous violence and much malevolence.
Also touches on underage exploitation of a sexual nature.
That said it's an excellent piece of cinema and deserves more publicity.
Shot on a very tight budget - if you buy/rent it please listen to the director's/actors commentary.

I know this is a bit 'southern hemisphere' for Caithness - just think yerself lucky - it's a world I don't recognise either. 18 certificate.

Has anyone else seen it?

p.s. All the low life are indigenous Brits.