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30-Jul-07, 16:52
Did anyone see Mountain last night with Griff Rhys Jones?

It was quite funny seeing him talk to some of the people that I had met on some of our visits!

Made me want to jack eveything in and come up there straight away!

30-Jul-07, 16:53
Yes, it was brilliant. Magnificient scenery, and as you say some "weel kent faces"

30-Jul-07, 17:48
It was fantastic. I watched it avidly and, if I win the lottery, I shall be purchasing the mountain range in Skye. Then give it back to the populace for their eternal use.

30-Jul-07, 17:49
Made me want to climb the mountains! It was a really good programme and we don't get many of those to the pound do we

30-Jul-07, 18:07
very very good. i loved the crofter guy who said it shouldn't be a wilderness for holidaymakers - the land needs people on it. what a sensible guy :D

30-Jul-07, 19:12
A great Programm I missed the beginning but joined in about the skerray bit I wonder when it will be repeated there should be more of these programmes I wish I had the nerve to croft to live off the land best wishes to all up northwest

30-Jul-07, 23:22
Yes it was a fabulous programme. The scenery was amazing! Fantastic views from some of the people too!

31-Jul-07, 11:00
I hope it is repeated - I wouldn't mind recording it although I'm sure the Beeb withh bring out a DVD and book to get their pennys worth!;)

The next one is about the Lake District which should be interesting too.

31-Jul-07, 11:37
I enjoyed it for the familiar landscape, but now and then the presenter was more focussed on being Jones the comedian than Jones the pretty excellent presenter, in evidence in the Restoration series. Hopefully he will calm down a bit in further episodes, I suppose he was just genuinely excited.

I know exactly why people fall in love with the landscape, it makes me weep with joy to look out across such a vast unspoiled vista. There is a spiritual connection with all that space and absence of complication that is difficult to achieve in the cityscape.

Is it not a shame that there shall hardly be such a view left after all the wind turbines are in place?

31-Jul-07, 11:52
To be honest I can't really comment about the wind turbines as you don't get too many of them in Surrey!

I do have mixed feelings about them in general though.

The same can also be said about the Chinese building a road at the foot of Everest although their distruction has no useful point other than to ruin the Tibettan landscape, wipe out ancient comunities and show off to the world during the olympics.

31-Jul-07, 12:01
I suppose when you do move up North you could buy a house by the sea, oh wait a minute, they are filling that up with them too!

I really feel for people who moved up to live in a tranquil country landscape and who have ended up having enormous white elephants all over their lawns.

So I can't escape by going to Tibet? Well at least they can't build windmills as high as Qomolangma, yet!

31-Jul-07, 15:00
So I can't escape by going to Tibet? Well at least they can't build windmills as high as Qomolangma, yet!

no doubt they will soon!