View Full Version : Free August Hypnosis Workshop

30-Jul-07, 10:15
I know many didn't get a place for the last one, due to demand, so we are planning another, proposed for Saturday 18th August, again at Dunbeath Surgery.

Places are limited and slots are filling, so if you want a place please book ASAP.
To book your place, email me you name, address, email and telephone number to info@andrewusher.com, or call Dunbeath Surgery, and leave your details.

We will cover a variety of topics from

Hypnotic Inductions
Self Hypnosis, its usage
Breaking Habits
Gaining Rapport
Stress Relief
Relaxation Methods and more.

31-Jul-07, 12:56
Little update, im bringing this forward to the 11th of August.

09-Aug-07, 18:43
Just a little reminder, the workshop for those with a place is this saturday coming at 10 am.

See you there,


11-Aug-07, 14:10
Thank you to all who attended today.

11-Aug-07, 14:50
I attended the workshop today and thoroughly enjoyed it. The meeting was very well attended and conducted in a very relaxed manner. We learnt such a lot mainly about ourselves I would advise anyone who is maybe sitting on the fence wondering if its for them or not to go along and join in a session.

Thank you Andrew for giving your time so freely.


11-Aug-07, 17:09
Had a fantastic morning at Andrews workshop. Thanks so much, it was very informative and really really interesting.
Definately recommend these workshops to anyone and everyone. Andrew has a fantastic way of engaging a group and making these things seem achievable for everyone.

Thanks again Andrew, we look forward to any future workshops and would love to hear if you can manage to get together a workshop for Homeopathy, more hypnosis etc etc.


11-Aug-07, 17:28
I don't post very often but feel i need to say a huge personal thanks to andrew,he is atm trying to help me and although only seen him twice would like to say just how patient caring and proffesional he is ,thank you andrew you are one in a million :)

11-Aug-07, 22:27
I too attended Andrews workshop today and cannot praise him enough his help and insight and instruction helped me no end and I will definately practice the skills he taught us. I can't recommend his workshops enough and I am already looking forward to his homeopathy workshop!
Many thanks Andrew and looking forward to seeing you again soon.

12-Aug-07, 12:28
Thank you all for the kind words, but the truth is, the workshops dont work without all of you, thats the great thing about our complementary medical workshops.

I try to make them as laid back, informal and AS approachable as possible. Both conventional and complementary medicine SHOULD be approachable, accessible and available, thats the aim of our little practice.

I say, out with the fuddy wuddy stiff and unapproachable practices and practitioners, medicine is for healing, not hampering, and that can only be achieved with both patient and practitioner being on similar terms and communication.


12-Aug-07, 12:37
I went to Andrew's workshop on way to going on holiday, have to say it was very well worth it and would highly reccomend it to anyone. Certainly helps with stress, and following our older dogs quick demise I certainly needed to de-stress.

Thanks Andrew.