View Full Version : Gala night in wick :-)

29-Jul-07, 11:32
I thought the floats in wick was a great success last night, cant remember the last time i seen so many floats and people walking with tins. :D

Did everyone else have a good time last night at the gala??

29-Jul-07, 12:29
Yep have to agree there. and the actual floats, They just get better & better.
even the walkers. Great night.

29-Jul-07, 13:21
Just looked at the first 72 photos. The imagination and work that must have gone into the floats and costumes is amazing. Well done to everyone involved, hope you raised lots of money.

29-Jul-07, 14:35
Thankfully the rain did not come to much, apart from the initial shower at 7pm. We all had a great time and the atmosphere in the town was brilliant. All the pubs were heaving and there is a great community spirit - everyone congratulating one another on how well their float was even if they didn't get a prize. Roll on next year (just wish we didn't have to put so much work in on the run up to the floats).

30-Jul-07, 16:48
Unfortunately I missed the floats this year, was at a wedding, but I have been trolling through Bills photos, well done Bill, what an effort, I've just managed about a hundred so far. I always think the "Wickers" make a great effort during Gala week and the support of the general puplic is amazing, without them putting their hands into their pockets it would be a wasted effort. Give yourselves all a great big pat on the back.

30-Jul-07, 20:11
It was a great night don't know who they are but Steptoe and son were brill as was Father time, lets not forgot our orger the clown.

Marty McFly
30-Jul-07, 22:39
Had a great night...really good fun. As already said, the atmosphere was terrific.
Keep thinking I wont go out on a float another year (getting on a bit!), but know i'd regret it if this was my last.
So roll-on next year! :lol: