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28-Jul-07, 11:58
Can anyone recommend a good garage ,and please don't say Dunnet's .
I phoned there last week about a car they had for sale and was told to come and view the car, and i did .
The saleman was on a call so i was told to phone back at 3.00 as it was close the lunchtime and he has to see a customer at 2.10 over a new car ( i left my name and number)
So i waited around town to 3.00 and phoned back right on the time,only to find out that they had just sold the car .I stated that i had followed their instructions and was told i had first refusal ,also i had been waiting over 2.30 hrs to see the salemans ,the reaction was "Tough Luck" .
So if know for a good local garage that can be TRUSTED that would be great...Thanks

06-Aug-07, 21:08
Vauxhall dealers in Inverness. Locally Mc conechys are good, they do more than tyres and exhausts and will suit your budget.

09-Aug-07, 12:07
Just realised that this is the recommendations board... so to balance up my last post McConneghy's in both Wick and Thurso are helpful, friendly and seem to get the job done. Also the County Garage in Thurso are especially good!