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Highland Lass
24-Jul-07, 19:08
Can anyone recomend a fitness trainer,trying to get 2 girls till do 1 and half run in 13 minutes,

Runaway Jock
07-Aug-07, 10:05
That distance and time sounds remarkably like the Royal navy's Fitness Test... Am i correct??
not too sure of a trainer, but if it is for the RN, the pre-joining test is on a treadmill, but outdoor running prepares you way better for initial training

Ange :)

07-Aug-07, 10:19
get a cattle prod and a bike :D

Sounds a lot like all the military entrance requirements.

Or more seriously use the local gym, put on a treadmill. Much easier to monitor and build to it gradually.

07-Aug-07, 16:58
try Tanya Horne who has the dancing school , she is a qualified fitness trainer as well,