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24-Jul-07, 11:12
Sounds odd, doesn't it:roll:? I've had an Iranian brother-in-law for 24 years now. He's a fabulous cook and Iranian food is sooo tasty.

Thought I'd post this recipe as it makes a nice if indulgent change to plain rice. Good for BBQs or anything you might normally eat rice with.

Use normal amounts of rice for no. of people you're cooking for.

Basmati rice (can't guarantee success with other types)
Olive oil for cooking (or any good oil for frying)
Potatoes (not new) peeled and cut into slices abt 1 cm (no more) thick. Do enough for 2-3 slices per person, depending on size.

1. Rinse basmati well and cook for 2 mins less than pack instructions.
Add salt.
2. Drain and leave in seive/colander.
3. Heat enough oil in a large pan to easily cover the base of pan
plus a bit more.
4. Put potato slices in single layer over the base and fry in normal way on
one side till beginning to soften.
5. Flip potatoes over and cover with rice.
6. Fold a tea towel to cover the pan and put lid lightly on top. (Tea towel lets rice finish cooking by steaming and doesn't go soggy.)
7. Allow to cook for 10 mins or so till poatoes are browned & crispy.
(Iranians have a way of wetting a finger, briefly touching the pan and
they can tell by the 'hiss' whether the potatoes are done!! I just scrape away a bit of rice and lift a potato with a spatula to
check if cooked and golden.)

A nice way to serve is to spoon rice onto dish/plate then arrange potatoes on top.

Cautionary note: I have singed two teatowels over the years[lol]. Keep it well above flame!!

Cactus Flower
24-Jul-07, 18:51
Thank you for the recipe! We have a very good friend who is also a Persian and a wonderful cook. Every spring he throws a Persian New Year party for 50-70 people and does all the cooking. His wife doesn't even help! The food is wonderful and everyone fights over the rice potatoes. I'm glad that your brother-in-law is more generous in sharing his recipes.

25-Jul-07, 12:22
This recipe look yum, I will definately give it a try. Then post my results. Thanks for posting it. :D