View Full Version : My Gear Page!

20-Jan-03, 09:38
Hey, i made a web page to show all my gear!

Take a look, its got pictures and info etc


02-Jul-06, 23:44
POsted SEPTEMBER 2002.... aww love that scooby geetar

K dragon
03-Jul-06, 01:22
dude the scooby guitar rocks.

love it, well talented paint job.

wouldnt mind a courage the cowardly dog one for myself lol

04-Jul-06, 08:24
dude that page is sooooooo out of date! Scooby is dead (the neck snapped). I own the 2x12 now

04-Jul-06, 10:16
yeah, i never ever updated it. the 4x12 was white now red and its been all replaced, the tokai tele is gone, the sunburst tele is totally changed, i don't have any effects, the Marshall head is gone, the 2x12 is gone. Ugh, I can stop now.