View Full Version : Wedding Band Recommendations

23-Jul-07, 20:35
Can anyone recommend any good bands for a wedding?
Have heard the Jacks are good but cant find a number for them anywhere.
Any names and numbers greatly appreciated.

23-Jul-07, 20:58
if you phone the Golspie Caithness and sutherland enterprise and ask for geordie jack, he is a band member, i had them and they were fantastic, never an empty floor!!

23-Jul-07, 21:19
I've heard that Whisky are a good alround band - either contact Deemac here on the Org, or through their website http://www.whisky-band.co.uk/

23-Jul-07, 22:07
Whisky are brilliant!!

26-Jul-07, 13:01
Remix are good, country music.

26-Jul-07, 18:30
Remix gets my vote. Can be contacted via the autoparts shop in Wick on Breadalbane Terrace at the top of the hill at the harbour.

28-Jul-07, 01:06
RADIOACTIVE are an ACE band, everyone will dance all night!! We've hired them and had a fantastic night! Everyone who came said they'd thoroughly enjoyed their night! Infact I might organise another night!!!!!