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coppertop 1958
23-Jul-07, 01:49
Well Bill Fernie and all the staff at caithness.org all good photos of the County Show Photos was good to look at as i was not there to see it was as if i was there lol


p.s keep up the hard work ...

23-Jul-07, 08:30
You beat me to it coppertop.
Just finished looking at all the photos. A little bit of everything for everyone recorded for posterity and all good photos too; as you say it is almost like being there. Well done to the Show organisers and all the photographers for a great display. Thanks

23-Jul-07, 09:48
Yes well done very nice pictures:D

23-Jul-07, 09:58
What would we do without Bill and his colleagues? Well done all

23-Jul-07, 11:26
The pix are nice...

Mr P Cannop
23-Jul-07, 11:54
any videos from this ??

23-Jul-07, 12:35
yep they did a great job as per usual 10 outa 10 to bill & his team.

23-Jul-07, 14:15
Whilst these posts single out the County show I would like to add my thanks and congratulations for the work that goes into providing us all with a first class site.
A visit to Caithness.org is now automatic everytime the computer is switched on. Really do appreciate the undoubted amount of time and effort you put into the site. Thanks

24-Jul-07, 06:25
Yes Well Done Everyone At Caithness.org

24-Jul-07, 07:35
Excellent job - well done.:D