View Full Version : Happy Birthday to Squidge

20-Jan-03, 03:58
Squidge, I hope you have a happy birthday, and that today marks the beginning of a delightful year for you.

20-Jan-03, 17:51
Happy Birthday Squidge, may you not lose any letters this year. [lol] -H

20-Jan-03, 20:22
Happy Birthday to Squidge! May the next year be a good one for you sweetie!

And dinna drink too much tonight! Ach, on the other hand, why not? [lol]

Dr :evil

20-Jan-03, 21:01
Happy birthday Squidge,
ye kept at quiet whats is it now 21 again or is at 21 + Vat [lol] :lol: [mad]
Best wishes from a Mate :D

21-Jan-03, 00:26
Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday to you..Oh Squidge don't be blue [disgust] ,may yer dreams all come true..Happy Birthday to you. :D
Cup o' tea an' slice o cake when ye're offering..have a GREAT day

21-Jan-03, 00:46
Hope you've had a nice birthday, Squidge! :D

I was planning to send the Chippendales over to dance for you, but unfortunately, they were all booked up!

Ach weel, it's the thought that counts! [lol]

Many Happy Returns! :D

Lady K