View Full Version : where can i take them?

21-Jul-07, 22:27
i am wanting to take my granny and sister out for a celebration meal in a couple of weeks. i live just outside of Lybster and cannot drive and can't part with many pounds, does anyone know of any places close by that is reasonably priced, but still does quality food, so that we can enjoy a nice evening meal to celebrate?
any suggestions very much appreciated

23-Jul-07, 12:55
the bayview hotel or the portland arms. heard the cross now does nice meals too.

23-Jul-07, 22:58
yeah, haven't been in the cross for a meal before. was just wondering if there were any other places round. haven't tried the bayveiw since the new cook came, is she any good?

24-Jul-07, 11:47
yes the cooks very good all homemade food too & fresh veg! only other place thats near its the smiddy inn at thrumster its also very nice but not as nice for atmosphere

26-Jul-07, 18:17
will maybe take them to the portlands then