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21-Jul-07, 00:44
I was just wondering - you used to be able to get home brew kits that came in bags. You filled them with water, and hung them somewhere warm. They then swelled up to something more dangerous than the Dounreay dome in full swing. Can you still get them, and if so, does anyone have any idea where from? I'm not trying to demolish my house in one easy go, although with my kids it would probably make it tidier, my father in law was looking for one.

22-Jul-07, 15:44
you used to get them from boots , however i enquired last year only to be told that they stopped carrying the line due to low sales , i would suggest looking online under homebrew kits (thats what i ended up doing for my ingredients for my wines)

22-Jul-07, 17:00
For mail order I recommend http://www.homewinemaking.co.uk/

Fast delivery and their forums are full of help and advice.