View Full Version : Toaster Bags

08-Jul-05, 22:17
A friend recommended those new toaster bags which have been advertised on TV so I thought I would give them a try. They are excellent. I used cheese as a filling and it comes out just like a toasted sandwich and in half the time too.

09-Jul-05, 21:41
I did wonder about these. Are they on sale in Somerfield/Co-op here ? Will give them a go on your recommendation. Will sure beat scraping melted cheese & burnt tomato etc. off the sandwich maker !!

10-Jul-05, 18:17
Yes i got the toaster bags years ago from lakeland. It was alot more expensive then mind you . Think i paid bout 8.99 for mine.

Think they are selling at 3.99 now!

Id recommend them as they are brilliant. After your finished with them u just was the bag ready to go again! :D

10-Jul-05, 19:35
I bought them ages ago out of woolies and they r great,quick meal for the kids and they love them!!