View Full Version : hair straighteners

20-Jul-07, 23:21
does anyone know where i can buy a set of remington 2x hair straighteners, i cant find them in boots or argos. or can you recommend any that work as good.thanks

21-Jul-07, 10:33
Hello Paddy!

My teenagers and I use GHD (Good Hair Day) as they're the ones our hairdresser's use. They're a bit pricey (90+) but they've lasted two and a half years and are used more than once every day. Very good for taming my unruly mop:lol:! You can get them online.

Good Luck, I wouldn't dare go out without them now I've got used to them[disgust].

21-Jul-07, 12:21
you used to be able to get the remington ones from the Next catalogue and there sale starts today so you might get them cheaper

23-Jul-07, 11:51
Ive also got the GHD ones and ive had them for over 2 years now and they still as good as the day i got them! Brilliant!