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08-Jul-05, 12:26
Im looking for a new tv but i cant decide between a Plasma or a L C D any advice on what would be the best option would be a great help ?

17-Jul-05, 22:38
I dunno what you're looking for in a TV - is it the size, clarity, other? I am led to believe that Plasma technology is not ideal as it has a shorter lifespan than LCD, however LCD prices are still high for the size of TV you're getting.

We opted for a different route - to keep our existing 28" TV for general day-to-day use, but to buy a projector and 5ft x 5ft drop-down screen (came to less than 700 in all) for sheer size/cinema feeling. The screen is ceiling mounted and is some 12 feet away from the projector which is mounted on the opposite wall.

We also have an automatic Scart control centre which allows us to route Sky, video, DVD, playstation, camcorder or pretty much anything else to either the TV or projector.

Audio is routed through our non-5.1 surround sound hi-fi but gives good cinema-style volumes but only when the neighbours are out!

The whole system is fairly discrete when not in action and it usually takes visitors quite a while to spot the rolled up screen on the ceiling and projector on the wall opposite. However once they see it in action they're quickly hooked and it's especially good at keeping kids quiet for an hour or two :D

19-Jul-05, 21:59
I have recently purchased a new TV from Empiredirect. They seemed to be the cheapest on the web for the TV I was looking for. Was just about to order the TV when I was advised to do it via amazon.co.uk. get this......
The postage and packaging for the TV was going to be 35 from Empiredirect, however, when I purchased it through Amazon.co.uk the TV was the same price but only paid 5.01 P&P even although the TV still came from Empiredirect.
I just love a bargain.