View Full Version : Gleeber's Birthday

08-Jul-05, 01:42
Well owld pal..ye an' me being of the same vintage,may I take the chance to wish you another year sucessfully completed..and I make no apology if I got the date wrong! It's called having a senior moment [lol] Sheesh The Northern Lights will have to look to their glory with the candles on ye'r cake outshining 'em.Whatever ye're doin' have a real special day.

08-Jul-05, 04:17
Happy Birthday Mr Gleeber Sir. Hope the birthday fairie brings you a new set of teeth and a new glass eye. Sorry, can't do anything about any grey hair, but I hear they sell stuff at the shops for it.

Have a great day! Your pal, Helen

08-Jul-05, 09:31
Greetings Gleeber, get a new battery for your phone wi' your birthday money [lol]

Mr P Cannop
08-Jul-05, 10:52
meny happy returns

08-Jul-05, 19:06
Happy Birthday Sir Gleeber!

Where's the party tonight? How's about having barbequed bigots on the beach? It's a nice night for it :D

08-Jul-05, 21:55
happy birthday gleeber

have fun

09-Jul-05, 00:23
Have a FAB birthday Mr. Gleeber sir.... ;)

11-Jul-05, 10:08
One thing comes to mind here. You can run but you canna hide :D
Thanks for the good wishes folks. I had a fantastic birthday in South Wales with 12 beautiful women in attendance. I had a cake and believe it or not doc barbecued bigots and a sore back ;)
It was great and it still is. Thanks.

12-Jul-05, 16:10
Damn, sorry I missed the posting.........Happy Birthday.....and (ahem,...!) Happy very belated birthday to your sparring partner golach (I know, I know - a jambo wishing a hibee the best for his birthday, must be getting soft!)..... awrabest the two of you!

WBG :cool: