View Full Version : Quiz 22 July

15-Jul-07, 22:34
OK everyone, I am the quizzee next week so look out. I will have to try and find some obscure scottish type questions for you all.
And I need everyone to "PRAY" that my alarm goes off, or you will be on your own. :eek:
See you there, I hope ????

19-Jul-07, 20:53
Hi Lolabelle Will Be There For The Quiz Good Luck

22-Jul-07, 22:25
This weeks quiz winners are Laguna2 with 20 points, Lazytown with 18 points and Sassylass with 16.
Could Lazytown please be quizzee next week as laguna will be away???? :eek:

25-Jul-07, 20:25
did offer to do quiz but not sure if i will make it.

27-Jul-07, 06:33
Maybe Sassylass could, she came third and Lazytown can't make it either.